The box office is located inside Barrack Gate on Ranelagh Gardens. The box office will open on each event day from 5pm to approximately 9pm.

For VIP bookings, please see our VIP Packages page.

When will I receive my ticket?
It is common for tickets to arrive up to and within two weeks of an event taking place. If you do not receive your ticket within 5 days of the event, we would suggest contacting your ticket agent directly. The ticket agent you used should be stated on your confirmation e-mail, or as the company on the transaction on your bank or card statement.

Official Ticket Sellers

Some of our official ticketing partners include:

See Tickets

There are many fraudulent ticketing sites.
Please ensure that you buy tickets from one of our official partners.
If you have any questions over the validity of a ticket seller, please contact us via the contact page before making your purchase.

The official ticket sellers for Live at Chelsea 2019 are:
See Tickets
The Ticket Factory
Alt Tickets

Are there disabled tickets available?
Yes, disabled and wheelchair access tickets are available at Live at Chelsea. Customers wishing to purchase either a disabled or wheelchair access ticket will need to contact the promoter directly on to ensure that their needs are understood and are met as well as they can be. Evidence of DLA, Blue Badge or other government-issued identification will be required to qualify for the free personal assistant ticket when purchasing a disabled or wheelchair space ticket.

Please note – for seated shows, wheelchairs will be accommodated by removing seats. Please ensure that you specify during your booking whether you require space for a wheelchair so that we can prepare the area prior to your arrival.

Can I return or exchange my ticket?
In line with our terms and conditions, unless a show is rescheduled or cancelled we do not offer exchanges or refunds on tickets.

At what age does a child have to have their own ticket?
All attendees to Live at Chelsea must hold a valid ticket. All children must hold a ticket to attend the event, including babes in arms. However, it is recommended that very young children do not attend this event due to the danger that loud music can pose to their hearing.

Age Restrictions
Children who are aged 1 to 15 years old need to be accompanied by an adult.

For standing shows, only attendees over the age of 14 will be permitted into this standing area. Attendees under the age of 14 must hold a seated ticket.

A “challenge 25” policy will be operated at all the bars and concessions where alcohol can be obtained, so if bar staff deem to think that you look under 25 you will be asked to present your acceptable form of ID at the bar.

Acceptable forms of ID are Passports, Driving licence or the government’s proof of age scheme card –

Getting to the Event

How do I get to The Royal Hospital Chelsea?
For all travel information, please see our ‘Getting Here’ page here.

Which entrance do I use?
Please enter via Chelsea Gate or Barrack Gate, whichever is more convenient for you.

Entry for VIP customers will be via London Gate.

Please check our site map here for further details.

I am disabled – which entrance should I enter by?
Please enter via Chelsea Gate or Barrack Gate, whichever is more convenient for you. Accessible toilets are located on the South Terrace and by Chelsea Gate.

Can I sit wherever I want?
If you hold a seated ticket, then you will have an allocated seat. Your seat number as well as block and row which this seat is located in will be stated on your ticket. If you have a standing ticket, then you will only be permitted to stand within the standing area. You will not be able to use the seated area.

I don’t know where my seat is?
The information on your ticket will tell you which block and row to help you locate your seat. Your ticket also tells you the entry point for your block – these will be well signposted. Please ask a steward if you aren’t sure.

Can you stand in the seated area?
It is accepted that at most concerts the audience will stand throughout the main artiste’s performance. If this is likely to cause you difficultly, you should request seats at the front of any section when booking seats for shows, even if this means sitting further away from the stage. This will ensure you can make your own choice in remaining seated. Seats in the tiered area would also offer a better view in this situation. Please note that standing on seats is strictly prohibited on health and safety grounds.

At the Event

Things you can’t bring:
• Gas or liquid fuel
• Lanterns
• Glass
• Drugs – Live at Chelsea operates a strict no drugs policy, you may be searched on entry and anyone seen to be in possession of drugs will be ejected from the site and reported to the police.
• Animals – no pets please except guide dogs
• Food and drink (with the exception of water)
• Please do not bring any bags with you that you do not need. There will be a full bag search on arrival which may delay your entry

• Ticket
• Money – please note there will be a cash machine on site although the queues can sometimes be quite long
• Warm clothing for the night as it can get cold.
• Waterproofs and an umbrella, just in case the British summer weather doesn’t hold out. Please note – for the consideration of other attendees, umbrellas are not to be opened during performances.

Please note – if you arrive after the main act has begun you may be asked to wait until the end of the song before you can go to your seat.

Is there anywhere to leave luggage?
We would appreciate it if you did not bring any additional bags other than what you will need for the evening. We do not have an area to leave luggage at the event. Many London National Rail stations have Left Luggage facilities; you can find out more here –

Are there ATMs inside the event?
Yes, there will be a number of ATMs on site, as the bars will only be accepting cash payments. The queues can sometimes be quite long so it is recommended that you get cash before arriving at the Hospital.

Can card payments be taken inside the event?
Card payments can be taken on ticket purchases only. Customers will need cash to purchase from the food and drink facilities.

Is there food and drink inside the event?
There will be hot and cold food and nice treats available along with fully stocked bars on the South Terrace.

Can I take food and drink into the event?
Customers are not permitted to bring their own food and drink into the Royal Hospital Chelsea.

What if I have a question when I’m inside the event?
If you have a question or issue whilst inside the concert arena, we would recommend speaking to a steward or a member of the event management team.

Is there any first aid available in the event?
Yes. This is located on the South Terrace. Please speak to a steward if you need any assistance.

Personal Safety:
• If you’ve lost or found property please speak to a member of staff and they will advise on where to go to hand in items you’ve found or to ask if anything has been handed in. After the event please check on the website for lost property information.
• If you see anything that you feel may be suspicious or see any persons acting suspiciously please bring this to the attention of the nearest steward.
• Please look after yourself at the event, ensuring that you drink plenty of water and eat food plus wear appropriate clothing for an outdoor event. If however, you do feel unwell or need any assistance, or see another person that may need help, please contact a steward or the medical team who are based on the South Terrace.
• In the event of an incident follow instructions from stewards.

Event Information

Please note, ticket buyers will receive an event information email within approximately two weeks of the event. This will contain the final timings plus other useful information. Please ensure that when you purchase your tickets you use an email address that we can contact you on.

Please note – all show times are subject to change.

The gates times allow for attendees to spend some time within the grounds before the concert begins. Bars and a variety of food concessions will open/available from 5.30pm.

What time will the concert end?
The headliner will finish around 10.30pm.

Disabled customers

Please see our Accessibility page for information and FAQs – click here.

Are there disabled tickets available?
Yes, disabled tickets are available at Live at Chelsea and disabled customers are able to specify if they require a wheelchair space. Customers wanting to purchase either a disabled ticket will need to contact the promoter directly on to ensure that their needs are understood and are met as well as they can be. Evidence of DLA, Blue Badge or other government issued identification will be required to qualify for the free carer ticket when purchasing a disabled or wheelchair access ticket.

Please note – for seated shows, wheelchairs will be accommodated by removing seats. Please ensure that you specify during your booking whether you require space for a wheelchair so that we can prepare the area prior to your arrival.

For the standing concerts, a wheelchair user platform will be available to wheelchair access customers only.


Can I bring my camera to the event?
You can bring any camera to the Live at Chelsea concerts for your personal use, except for those with a detachable lens (such as SLR or DSLR cameras).

Can I stand at the event?
For both the standing and fully seated concerts, people are likely to choose to stand and dance within the seated area, particularly during upbeat numbers. Stewards will use their discretion with regards to asking patrons to sit or move to the side of the seating areas. If a significant number of people choose to stand then they will not intervene. If you are asked to move out of the seats in order to dance, please kindly do comply with the request.

What should I wear?
This concert series is hosted in an outdoor concert arena. Please dress comfortably and bring warm clothes for the evening. Please be prepared for inclement weather and check the forecast in advance. Please note that whilst the arena is fully seated, there are grassed areas that you will need to cross so we recommend comfortable footwear.

What will happen if it rains?
The performers are on a covered stage and the concert will go ahead. Only in extreme conditions, and where health and safety may be compromised, would the concert be cancelled. Please ensure you bring adequate clothing for the weather conditions.

Will I get a refund?
No refund will be given if a concert is started but later abandoned. If a concert is abandoned before the start of the concert, you would receive a refund. Your ticket would need to be returned within 28 days of the due concert date.

Information regarding The Royal Hospital Chelsea

Will I be able to walk round the Hospital buildings?
No – the hospital has pensioners in residence and their private areas will be out of bounds. Concert goers are permitted access to the concert auditorium and the designated food and drink gardens. Exceptions to this are guests who have hospitality tickets for specific areas of the Hospital building.

When was the hospital built?
The Royal Hospital Chelsea was founded by King Charles II in 1682 and designed by Sir Christopher Wren. The magnificent site has been the home of the Chelsea Pensioners since 1692.

Who are the Chelsea Pensioners?
The iconic scarlet-uniformed residents are all retired soldiers of the British Army, many of whom have served in World War II, Korea, the Falkland Islands, Cyprus or Northern Ireland. Others may not have served in campaigns, but all understand what it means to serve their country and the potential sacrifice that it entails.

How many residents currently live here?
There are approximately 300 residents.

How do you become a Chelsea Pensioner?
You have to be a former soldier of the British Army (officers are only allowed to join if they have first served in the ranks), be aged 65 or over, be of ‘good character’ and have no dependent family members.

Why is it called a hospital?
It’s not in fact a hospital but a home. It was called a hospital in the sense of the original meaning of the word – in that it was a place of hospitality.

Do residents have to pay to live here?
On being admitted to live at the Royal Hospital Chelsea they must either surrender their military pension and any War Disability Pension they may have, and / or make a financial contribution dependent on their means.

How is the Royal Hospital Chelsea funded?
The Royal Hospital Chelsea gets the majority of its funding from a grant-in-aid from the government, but needs to make up a shortfall every year to provide the best home and care for the Chelsea Pensioners, and maintain its Grade I listed site. Other fundraising activities such as the Live at Chelsea concert series work to make up this shortfall.