Ticket Information


Official Ticket Sellers

There are many fraudulent ticketing sites.

Please ensure that you buy tickets from one of our official partners.

If you have any questions over the validity of a ticket seller, please contact us via the contact page before making your purchase.


The official ticket sellers for Live at Chelsea 2021 are:

See Tickets


The Ticket Factory




For VIP bookings, please see our VIP Packages page.


Are there disabled tickets available?

Yes, please see our Accessibility page for information and FAQs – click here.


Can I return or exchange my ticket?

In line with our terms and conditions, unless a show is rescheduled or cancelled, we do not offer exchanges or refunds on tickets.


At what age does a child have to have their own ticket?

All attendees to Live at Chelsea must hold a valid ticket. All children must hold a ticket to attend the event, including babes in arms. However, it is recommended that very young children do not attend this event due to the danger that loud music can pose to their hearing.


Age Restrictions

Children who are aged 1 to 15 years old need to be accompanied by an adult.

A “challenge 25” policy will be operated at all the bars and concessions where alcohol can be obtained, so if bar staff deem to think that you look under 25 you will be asked to present your acceptable form of ID at the bar.

Acceptable forms of ID are Passports, Driving licence or the government’s proof of age scheme card – www.pass-scheme.org.uk


When will I receive my ticket?

It is common for tickets to arrive up to and within two weeks of an event taking place. If you do not receive your ticket within 5 days of the event, we would suggest contacting your ticket agent directly. The ticket agent you used should be stated on your confirmation e-mail, or as the company on the transaction on your bank or card statement.


Where is the box office?

The box office is located inside Barrack Gate on Ranelagh Gardens.

The box office will be open on each event day from 5:30pm to approximately 9pm.


Ticket re-sale restrictions

  1. Your ticket purchase constitutes a personal, revocable license and, at all times, remains the property of the promoters. This ticket must be surrendered to the promoters upon request.
  2. Your ticket/s are sold by the promoters directly to you the consumer. Any tickets purchased by business or traders in breach of the terms and conditions of ticket sale will be cancelled. By accepting these terms and conditions you confirm that you are a consumer.
  3. Your ticket/s will IMMEDIATELY BECOME INVALID if resold OR OFFERED FOR SALE unless the sale is through the Artist’s official re-sale channels as advertised, or ticket agent fan to fan exchange (where applicable). Tickets sold via third parties and other unauthorised outlets, including online auction sites, are not valid for admission. The resale of a ticket renders it invalid and may lead to refusal of entry.
  4. Ticket sales are limited to a maximum of 6 per person.
  5. Only tickets purchased through approved ticket agents are valid for admission. The venue reserves the right to refuse admission.